We help startups and small businesses flourish.

tesseractive provides young companies with finance, strategy, and operations expertise

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Keeping track of the money coming in and out is essential if you are trying to grow. Tesseractive has years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and business valuation, as well as in raising capital. We can help you with:

Historical financial models

Using your financial records, we can create an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, and use these to identify key growth drivers and trends. We can use Excel or Google Sheets.


Pro forma models

We can build a future looking financial model with your existing financial data using Excel or Google Sheets.


Manager dashboards

A dashboard is a simple and easy-to-understand tool to help you quickly see and interpret important company financial information. We can use Tableau or Excel.



KPIs = Key Performance Indicators. We’ll identify your KPIs and help you monitor them.



We can help you figure out what your company is worth using current marketplace data.


Xero and QuickBooks Online setup and reconciliation

Xero and QuickBooks Online (QBO) are the best and most popular online services for small companies to track their finances. We can set up both systems properly.


Raising capital

We’ll help you determine how much money you need and where to get it from.



What do we do next? There are many choices that confront growing businesses. We can help you make smart decisions about how and when to grow. We have expertise in:

Product positioning

We’ll ensure what you’re selling is occupying the optimal position in the marketplace.


Brand alignment

A strong brand identity is critical for success in the age of social media. We can help your brand stick in consumers’ minds the way you want it to.


Business model generation

Using the Business Model Canvas, we can help you define your value proposition and connect it with the other functions of your company.


Customer segmentation

We will analyze and optimize your customer data to help you more effectively target your marketing.


Market research

We can identify your TAM SAM and SOM; these are your Total Available Market, Serviceable Available Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market.


Strategy development

Questions like “Should I expand in this city?” or “Should I buy this equipment?” are common for small companies. We can help you make smart and well-informed decisions.



We deal with the behind-the-scenes stuff so you can focus on your company. Let us help you with:

Lean practices

We can implement lean processes in your operations using methods such as Agile, Scrum, or Kanban.


Value chain optimization

We’ll take a look at your operations from start to finish, identify bottlenecks, and then fix them.


Efficiency improvement

We’re vigilant about finding ways to reduce costs. We’ll introduce best practices to help improve your margins.


Vendor and customer negotiations

We’ll assist you with getting the best deals from your key partners.


Processes setup

Your company does a lot of things routinely that can be standardized. We’ll systemize your workflows so they run more smoothly.



Tesseractive has been a tremendous resource in all aspects of my start-up, from helping me better understand the fundamentals of a scalable business, to the methodical approach towards testing and implementing new business ideas. Grant cares deeply about seeing my business succeed, which is apparent in his high quality deliverables and in-depth consulting sessions.

Corey Schneider

Founder and CEO, New York Adventure Club

Working with Grant was terrific. He took a lot of time to learn our business, and also gave us a crash course in finance, along with accounting and strategic advice he provided us throughout our working relationship. He also created a complex and multifaceted tool to track various aspects of our finances and even predict our profits and budget accordingly, even when altering several different variables that correspond to future projects and expenses. That’s a fairly wordy way of saying that tesseractive has helped our agency in many ways this past year, and has given us new perspective on the way we do business. We’re definitely looking forward to continuing our working relationship with tesseractive going forward.

Sam Rothberg and Fede Rios

Founders, Lime Entertainment

some common questions

What the %$!@ is a tesseractive?

Tesseractive is a portmanteau of two words, tesseract and active. A tesseract is a four-dimensional shape that is to a cube as what a cube is to a square. Here’s what wikipedia says about tesseracts.

How much will this cost me?

We have a standardized pricing schedule that is based on two primary factors: the intensity of the project and the contract length. In other words, if it is a ton of work it will likely cost more; if the engagement is spread over months instead of days it will be priced at a lower rate.

We offer competitive prices and look to maximize your return on the investment. Drop us a line to find out more about pricing.

Do you only work with companies in New York City?

Currently our only physical office is located in NYC. However, we get around – our clients hail from all over the US as well as in Europe and Asia. If you have a device with internet connectivity we should be good to go regardless of your location.

Can we chat before I commit? I want to make sure this is money well spent.

Absolutely. Shoot us a message and we can set something up.

Do you guys happen to invest in companies too?

Yes. We provide capital to companies on a case-by-case basis and have a network of investors and lenders too.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking to hire amazing people. If you think you can provide value to Tesseractive please email us at careers@gotesseractive.com.


Do you have another question not listed here? We’re happy to discuss – drop us a line!

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about us

We want to help small companies succeed.

Tesseractive was founded in 2015 to help new companies address the foundational components of any business or startup – specifically finance, strategy, and operations. We discovered that many founders/owners build great companies but often need assistance with those parts of business because they’ve had little exposure to them.

We have the experience and the expertise, and we’re passionate about our work in the same way that you are about yours. Reach out to us to discuss your specific problems and find out how tesseractive can help your company flourish.

Grant Fox

Grant Fox



Grant has many years of experience working at companies large and small, private and publically traded, and in various capacities. He’s been an investment analyst at a hedge fund, CFO at a private equity firm he co-founded, SVP of finance at an energy company, and a division lead in the U.S. Navy.

He’s also worked with many startups throughout his career, helping founders answer questions about how to interpret their financial statements, strategically grow their business, and make their day-to-day operations more efficient. Having deep financial experience and being a founder himself, he has been able to bring insights and experience to the table that have helped managers make better decisions. Seeing young companies grow is what he’s enjoyed the most in his career, which led him to found tesseractive so he could dedicate himself to this work full-time.

Grant is originally from California but New York is his current stomping ground.

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